Muslims all over the world today are busy in celebrating their only important festival which allows them to end their fasting that is been carried out from one whole previous month i.e. a month of Ramadan.

More About Ramadan

Among those five pillars of Islam, Ramadan is that only month when Muslims are completely dedicated towards their devotion for Allah. During this every other Muslim who is free from any disabilities or illnesses are meant to engage in dawn-to-dusk fasting.

It is also believed that this month of Ramadan is meant to make one get closer to God and learn about the suffering of less fortunate. At whole, this month is considered as “The Holy Month” for Muslims.

Eid for Muslims = Deepawali for Hindus 🙂

No doubt!

Eid is that only festival for which celebrations among Muslims can last for 3 days or more among which first day is considered as the most precious. People dressed up with their best of the clothes gathers at local mosques or open air locations for special prayers also known as “Salat al-Eid” and then have breakfast.

Gifts are also exchanged among families and friends. People put on their share to charity so that others can also celebrate this festival with same joy and happiness.

Eid Mubarak (Wishes For Eid)

Hats-off to those who are too much willing to fast for one complete month and that too in such hot weather!

Break off the walls of religion and wish everyone out there a very Happy Eid (Eid Mubarak) 🙂

Eid Mubarak! :)
Eid Mubarak! 🙂

God has no Religion – Mahatama Gandhi!


Hold the Pen, Write the story!

Career is a big thing! No? Everyone wants to have a successful career today which can make it easy for them to have the life which they have always dreamed of! 🙂

One wrong decision and you don’t know about what to do with your life further, well maybe I am just penning down a story which is very much relatable!

There are many people out there who choose to go for the career option which they don’t really have any passion in, like majority of folks opt to become an engineer or a doctor and that too without having any interest into it; all because according to their parents these career options can bring secured future to their children!

Opting to go for Btech or MBBS 4-5 years ago now seems like that big mistake, all because of having no interest in the field! Now the question which arises here is that now what?

Logic says that best option is to switch the field and go for the one you are interested in as it will bring happiness and satisfaction to you but society says that you should go for the one which they think is best for you and that is to kill all of your dreams and carry on with your work no matter if you are interested to do the same or not.

And you know what “society matters”, because “log kya kahenge”(what will people say) matters for most of us which will eventually convince us to compromise upon our dreams and continue with that sucking job :/

It happens! It really happens! :/ And what it will lead you to is this:

Bcos, they don’t have any motive left!

But are we really worth of this punishment? Would it be really okay to kill all of our dreams just because we made that wrong decision years ago? Seriously?

Answer is obviously “No”! This is our life and we can’t give a person any authority to build our future according to their thinking! We will make up our life the way we want it to get shaped 🙂 Don’t let anyone hold the pen while writing your story! Its your life, its your story and it should be really worth it! Make it worth of everything 😀

🙂 🙂 ❤

Your perception! Your life!

Today as I was dragging through my insta, this is what I found in the feed! I was about to ignore it like any other normal post but what stopped me from doing that was the feeling that how deep meaning this picture is carrying within! 👌


We, the grown ups already know that as the time passes by,  life comes out with so many complications within and there is nothing out there which can seem to act as a helping hand during such situations.
But, you know what God has gifted all of us with some special ability, that allows us to look towards the situation the way we find it comfortable. This special ability is known as a perception or an attitude!


Here the main point to be mentioned is that this ability works differently for different people depending upon whether they are on the left side or onto the right one! Well, no I don’t really mean with any directions here.
See, every one of us have some different goals for life, we all are surrounded with different conditions which is enough to bring out different attitude different perspective in us.. Like the picture given below:

Views Matter!

They say “life is how you see it”. If you see things happening around you in a positive way, life itself will shape it positively and same as you see it in the different way!

So, have postive attitude and change your life for better! 🙂 🙂 Your perception is the only thing which will shape your life!

Ok! Find The Perfection

Everyone of us at some point of life start feeling that we need to have perfection no matter whether it is about choosing a life partner or any other thing which has that great importance in our life!


And this search for perfection always leads us towards taking some wrong decisions resulting into an emotional harm :/ much enough to indicate that how wrong it actually is to look for perfection!

Yess! It truly is! :/

To be frank,  it was this so called “perfection” which dragged me away from my love of writing but now what I got to learn is that I don’t really need it in my writings so as to make them read well! Time and continous writing will do it themselves 😃
Quitting writing or waiting for the perfect time is just an illusion and I need to get out of it 🙋


So,  stop looking for perfection and find yourself! 😊

It’s Not Easy to Be a Women!


Call her a Girl, a Lady, a Woman, a Female or an Iron Man. The fact is that every role of her plays a very important role in all of our lives.

Girls are always considered as the treasure for their family and they get it proved with the love and care they give to that each and every person who actually deserves it.

Let’s take a short look over her role from scratch!

Apart of those previous generations, people nowadays consider a girl as a blessing, although there are some dorks who still look up a girl as a curse and thus prefer not to give birth if it is a girl child. I seriously feel sorry for them! Nonetheless, kicking those people away let’s get our focus towards that cute little girl who makes a family go full of life and happiness. 🙂

And then that little girl, get her journey started and move towards different phases of life which make her learn different lessons of life.

She gets on periods, feel the pain of heartaches, faces problem with different people and thus at the end learn to live with them and how to be strong.

After which she enters the phase where she is looking forward to fulfil her dreams and thus take a step forward towards them which allows her to make life full of dreams.

And then one day she becomes a woman who is ready to do anything so as to make her family smile.

It is never easy to be a woman!

She may get weird at moment and awesome at another, She have all of the capability to look forward to have a new dream everyday but she can give up on them if her family ask her to, She is the only one who can do anything and everything to make her loved ones smile. No one can be as stronger as a woman actually is!

Respect Her, She actually deserves it! 🙂

Dear Daddy!


There are variety of names which we use to call him with, but deep inside the only word we get to remember when its about our father is:

My Superhero/King ❤


Father is that only person in any daughter’s life which make them believe that there is some one whom they can completely trust upon, that there is some one who will actually be there when you are in need, that there is osme one who will take care of their likes or dislikes and just everything!

There are number of quotes which are enough to depict that strong bond between a father and his princess! 🙂

Like this one ❤

Indeed! He is a Superhero ❤

First and Forever Love ❤

After all those heart aches, he is the only one making her princess believe that not every boy hurts! 🙂

🙂 I don’t know if I would be that great daughter or not, but you will always be my amazing Dad, Papa ❤

I am! 🙂

This one is specificallly dedicated to every father out there  who are doing their best to become the bestest father in this world! You are the best!

Thankyou so much! 🙂 I love you Papa! ❤

Ups and Downs!

These Zig Zag ways are the only one which makes our life going, and I think heartbeat is that best example to make people believe, without which life cannot be even thought about obviously!

Goal > Aspiration > Dedication > Hard Work > Well Performed > Success > Happy 🙂

Goal > Aspiration > Dedication > Hard Work > Well Performed > Failure > Sad 😦

Okay, so what I am actually trying to say is not much difficult to understand I think!

We, at one time or another get to face such situations when our hard work does not really take us serious and thus as a result leads us towards a failure which makes us feel sad, obviously no one is happy being a failure.

But failures are never meant to accept letdowns forever and thus stop taking a step forward. There are many people out there to tell you that you can’t reach the goal you are actually aspiring for, but this is only because they themselves are not able to reach that point.

Do remember, that at the end champion is the only person which can make it happen after all of the failures and thus prove themselves a winner in front of those number of folks who were once downgrading you and your skill as well.

So, best thing is to understand that if your hard work is not paying you off, that is maybe because it is not meant to be! Work more harder and you will get the best results out of it! 🙂

Life is all about being Positive ❤


Just Tell Me, Why?

Reservation in India seems to be that termite kind of insect which is eating up the roots of our nation with each passing day and going to be proved as damn too much destructive for our India!

And live example can be looked upon in the form of protests by Jat community still in limelight which are fighting up for their quota in OBC category. Ain’t it so much hard to see our nation’s youth fighting against government and that too at the road! I mean seriously!

Incidents like this are more than enough for us to know that how weak our country actually is! Also which at some point of time take some serious and violent turns, as same happened with this one “9 protestors are killed in clashes” 😦 R.I.P!

And also such things make people staying away from home terminate their plan to meet their family on weekends like one happened with the girl who confronted the negative effects of this Curfew while coming to her family in Punjab yesterday but conditions forced her to step back to Gurgaon only, this article on Millenium City Paralyzed will make you know about all she faced in these 4-5 hours.

Government, kindly get yourself improved so that people don’t have to take such obstructive actions against you!

Just Another One!

Hey Peeps!

So, how you guys doing?

Actually I was thinking of not to put any of the post today but this will only make me get off my track of writing which I don’t really want at any cost! Well, I don’t really know what I am going to talk about today but let me just take some random topic like what about talking upon Govt. jobs!

So, how many of you are looking forward to have goverment job, almost everyone as being a govt. employee makes one’s life easy and full of luxury and the best thing is that all this without doing much hard work!

But anyhow, I hate govt. jobs! Strange! But yes, I do hate govt. jobs, and reason behind that can be anything, maybe that practice of reservation in India(that hatred part about India :/ ) or maybe that not so easy to crack competitor exams.

And as we know that every Indian parent has an all time desire to see their children doing govt. job and obviously being an Indian, same goes with me and my parents.

According to them “Doing a job is not a big thing, doing a govt.job is everything!”

Advantages of having govt. job, according to parents!

  • Good Salary
  • Luxurious life
  • Government Holidays
  • No work at all

Okay! I do understand that they are important but it’s not that we don’t respect your care and decisions, but let us just explore our potential so that we can know about what we are good at! Please! Maybe my decision will prove wrong in future but atleast Ill not regret of not trying for the thing I always wanted to!

Being Positive!

Different crowd! Different lessons!

Every day we get to meet many people, all with different personality, different nature, different attitude different character and different perspectives!

We meet them, we get to know each other, we become friends, we share our sorrows, we share our happiness, they know almost everything about us and one day they change, and there is nothing much unacceptable than this!

And then? We cry over them because what we think is that maybe it’s all our fault which made them stay away from us! But seriously, people like this; Are they really even worth of these tears? Are they even worth of those apologies which we are gifting them every day!

No! A big No!

Dude, listen! Everyone is living with their attitude, the only difference is that some people know how to carry it and some people don’t! And maybe they fall under that second category.

So, the only best solution to all this crap is: Don’t allow them to fill up your life with negativity and carry on with your smile and peace! 🙂

And this is all because you are much more stronger today than you were before, and you know what this is that best time to prove that to public!

Exactly ❤

Happiness is your own thing; don’t let it get spoiled because of such “whatever man”! 😛